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Signature Bridge serves clients throughout the United States (Nationwide) as a specialty bridge contractor. From first consultation through project completion we work closely with all clients to develop a complete understanding of their unique bridge needs. Our nationwide service allows for timely and thorough completion of your project by mobilizing one of our construction teams of expertly trained craftsman to your project site. Our knowledge allows for a well thought-out design solution to match your project requirements. Our services are virtually “Turn-Key” from start to finish. There will never be a moment when any client feels out of the loop as constant and clear communication is key to getting any job done right.

A Unique Process

We provide “deck level (Top-down)” construction, which means we are capable of building in environmentally protected areas (Wetlands, marshes, bogs, etc.) located within some of the most scenic & environmentally sensitive forest preserves, parks, trails, and golf course facilities throughout the United States (Nationwide), and generally on any other environmentally protected land without disrupting the natural balance. When we are building any structure through a nature preserve limited by permit restrictions, we will begin to build starting at one boundary end and use our mechanized heavy equipment (Pile driver) while sitting atop an earthen bank or berm and work forward as not to disturb the land (Wetland floor). We then reach ahead to place foundation & framing of a first section of bridge to allow us to traffic our pile driver onto each completed section of bridge (Repetitively) as we build toward the opposite boundary, advancing our structure across a vast nature preserve (Building 10 feet at a time (One section of bridge)) until the job is finished. The great thing about this approach is that it can be used over land or a body of water without disturbing any indigenous plants or wild life within the preserved land.

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From pedestrian bridges, boardwalks, walkways, fishing piers to retaining walls (Bulkheads) we are the “Top-down bridge contractor of choice” throughout the United States (Nationwide). We will take the utmost care to manage your project goals (Including regulatory, utility, aesthetic, budget, and time-line) to the most efficient completion. Please contact us with any questions you may have by visiting our contact page. The expert team at Signature Bridge is ready to speak with you right now to set up a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and getting started on your next project.
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We take a nature based approach that enhances the environment and is integral to the design phase of every project..


From golf course bridges to trail or park bridges fir commercial developments our team is fully qualified to complete a renovation of any size.

New Construction

We provide new construction to a variety of industries & facility types (Including but not limited to forest preserves, parks, trails, corporate campuses,etc.).

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